Porches Decks and Patios are the extensions of our homes where we welcome, nurture, and relax.


A porch, patio or deck is often the gateway to your home and the first impression for visitors . These places should be comfortable, relaxing and designed to deliver on their intentions. We’ve all seen decks built in direct sunlight and as big as an aircraft carrier. As a result, the decks are too hot to use and too large for intimate gatherings. In contrast, here are some examples of porch and deck designs where I’ve enhanced the architecture of the existing homes and created a useful and comfortable outdoor space.

    I’ll work with you to help you decide what type of porch, patio, or deck you would like, address your specific site concerns and then design a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.


Porches, patios and decks

My house stands high-

Where the harp of the wind

Plays all Day

Plays all Night

And the city light

Is Far Away

-Frances Shaw